jcss Calibration

JEMIC as a designated laboratory carries out ” jcss calibration” which is calibration service for the primary standards of JCSS accredited calibration laboratories using a national primary or secondary standard.

Whenever JEMIC executes the primary standards of accredited calibration laboratories, JEMIC issues the calibration certificate with “jcss” marking.

JEMIC also offers the accredited calibration for reference standard traceable to national standards.

The Field and Range of the Calibration based on the National Standards

field category of calibration calibration range
electricity dc voltage 1V-10V
standard divider 100kV or less
dc resistance 1mΩ – 100kΩ
dc current 100A or less
ac voltage 1kV or less(1MHz or less)
ac current 20A or less(45Hz – 65Hz)
power 110V / 50A(45Hz – 65Hz)
energy 110V / 5A(45Hz – 65Hz)
thermometry resistance thermometer -38.8344ºC – 419.527ºC
radiation thermometer 419.527ºC – 2800ºC
photometry luminous intensity 10cd – 3000cd
luminous flux 5lm – 20000lm
illuminance 1lx – 3000lx
spectral irradiance 250nm – 2500nm
distribution temperature 2000K – 3000K