General Calibration Services

JEMIC carries out the calibration for electricity, thermometry, photometry and magnetic field using the measuring standard traceable to national standard as the general calibration services.

Standard Calibration

JEMIC carries out the calibration for measurement standards, measuring instruments and measuring equipments that are taken to JEMIC office by the applicant in JEMIC calibration laboratory.
JEMIC accept the transport by the forwarding agent instead of carrying in.

Mobile Calibration

Customers often offer on-site/mobile calibration service for lowest possible downtime and easy administration.
JEMIC carries out on-site/mobile calibration using calibration service car to respond promptly to answer customer needs.
The function of the environmental protection of a high quality is installed in this car.
The calibration of the measuring instruments that cannot be detached from the manufacturing machine corresponds by the on-site calibration.

Note) There are some conditions regarding uncertainty, kinds of calibrated item and number of calibrated item for the Mobile Calibration Service.

Kinds and Details of Calibration

In case of calibration for measuring instruments and/or measuring equipments, there are the calibration on requested test points, the routine check on fixed test points and performance test.

JEMIC carries out the calibration for measuring standard and/or measuring instrument at the requested test points by the applicant. A calibration label is affixed to the calibrated item and a calibration certificate is issued.

The compliance for the insulation testing set and/or the indicating measuring instruments is judged according to the control limits of specified by the JEMIC. A conformity label is affixed to the passed instrument.

The performance Test is conducted to judge whether or not a measuring instrument complies with the JEMIC technical standards and a certification report is issued, also a label which indicates the date of the passing of the test is affixed to the passed instrument.